Magic Kaito: Kaitou Kid's Busy Date (Special 2) Download

Alternative title: 
Kaito Kid,
Kaitou Kid,
Magic Kaitou,
Majikku Kaito,
まじっく快斗 (Japanese)
Release date: August 6, 2011 

Plot Summary : 
While stealing the Angel Crown, Inspector Nakamori catches a glimpse of Kaito's face while in his disguise as Kaitou Kid. Determined to prove to her father Kaito isn't Kid, Aoko convinces Kaito to go on a date with her to Tropical Land at the same time Kid's next heist is to take place. If Kaito is caught by Aoko leaving from Tropical Land or if Kid never shows up for the heist, Kaito's identity will be exposed! Can Kaito manage to go on the date with Aoko and complete the Kid heist at the same time?
*Aoko convinces Kaito to take her on a date to Tropical Land in an attempt to prove to her father (and to herself) that Kaito isn't Kid.

Source : moviemanga 

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